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What Makes a Good Cover Design

What Makes a Good Cover Design: Judging A Book By Its Cover

The famous idiom is “Never judge a book by its cover,” however, regardless of how realistic it might be in an impractical sense, the reality of the vast book industry is that most readers indeed use the cover to decide on whether they should purchase the book or not. With several books for readers to…
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Magnetic Book Cover Design

If any of these covers were men to me, they would be Sam Elliott. Or Kit Harrington. Leonardo Di Capprio. Charlie Hunnam. Gerard Butler. Okay, all of the above… So besides clearly having an inscrutable, eclectic taste in men, what am I saying? That these covers have ROCKED MY WORLD. I fell head over heels in…
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freelance cover artists

Freelance Artists: Stop. Selling. Yourself. Short.

Once upon a time, BI (Before Internet), freelance cover artists were respected and admired members of society: We worked very hard, invested in high-end software and hardware, and cultivated the scopes of our talent every day with new technologies and trends. Our field was very specialized and prestigious; our clients knew with confidence that when…
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How NOT to illustrate your book cover

I saw it today… And my first reaction was winced distress; like unwinding to an soothing rendition of Beethoven’s Für Elise when suddenly the needle rips through the record…. It was a beautiful full color illustration—soulfully rendered with energy and detail—but violated with a plain, black title, centered and stamped and sent on to its…
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