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Book design software and consultation expressly for authors, self-publishers, and graphic artists.

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Cloud vs. Desktop software: Which is better for designing books?

In these ever-trending, ever-changing times of technology comes a new set of challenges and opportunities for self-publishers. Depending on budget, need, and personal preference, there are many design options; from the traditional route of hiring a professional book artist to design your book ($$$$) to doing the design work yourself ($), the overall goal is…
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Indie Publishers

Here are the TOP TEN reasons why thousands of indie publishers have chosen us since 2006

BookCreative is an indie publishers dream! Here are the top 10 reasons why: #10: Easy to work with No huge learning curve to learn. Just jump right in and start designing. #9: Compatible with both Mac & PC platforms Download immediately and start designing on either a Mac or Windows computer. #8: Customer Support Fast,…
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kindle templates

Introducing a-la-carte Kindle Templates

So your book has finally reached the end of that long tunnel. This year has been challenging, but you’ve poured your heart and soul into this project. Challenge accepted – and WON. It’s finally time to publish your baby! But now you’re stressing again… What about design? As a smart, savvy author you know the importance…
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How To Design A Cover

How To Design A Cover for Kindle (It’s easier than you think)

Today, someone asked me how to design a cover for Kindle (KDP) in BookCreative. There seems to be a lot of outdated and general misinformation out there about Kindle cover specifications, so I went directly to the Source: According to Amazon’s KDP: “To ensure the best quality for your image, particularly on high definition devices,…
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Whew!! What A Week To Be a Geek! 💪🤓

Hey everyone! I’d like to offer a warm, heartfelt thanks to all who ordered BookCreative before launch. This first week has rocked! The compliments and words of encouragement I’ve received mean so much as we continue to improve upon its features. Now we all know that with every program’s First Release In The History of…
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Introducing BookCreative™ Book Design Software.

Introducing BookCreative—The first all-inclusive, comprehensive book design software for print books and ebooks. Our goal is to provide writers and book professionals with an affordable, easy to use, powerful option for creating beautifully rendered books–leveraging a platform for more writers to achieve publishing success—From the founders of BookCoverPro™ + PrintMarketingPro™ software

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Create Books That Sell With This Cover Design Program

It was back in 1998 when I officially started designing book covers in a booming market. I was freelancing for a medium-sized book publisher who needed designs pumped out, almost factory-style. At the time, I was a Zombie Mom—“Mombie”—awake 24 hours a day with a rambunctious toddler and nocturnal newborn—so the idea of flexible hours…
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