Whew!! What A Week To Be a Geek! 💪🤓

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Whew!! What A Week To Be a Geek! 💪🤓

Hey everyone! I’d like to offer a warm, heartfelt thanks to all who ordered BookCreative before launch. This first week has rocked! The compliments and words of encouragement I’ve received mean so much as we continue to improve upon its features. Now we all know that with every program’s First Release In The History of The Universe, there will be bugs to work out… but that’s okay—because of your feedback, my developers have been ON it to eradicate those bugs and improve upon the program, and the results have been amazing. In the software business, we can always expect those loveable “Negative Nancys” (they are inevitable) who bless us by building our strong character and thick skin… But the vast majority of you have been truly amazing with your support and comments that let me know that we are definitely moving in the right direction. Here’s what you can expect for the next updates:

Coming Up in Cover Design:

  • Property measurements to accept a thousandth, ex: .125.
  • Images to extend past the canvas, ex: importing an image and moving off the canvas to only show a portion.

Coming Up In Page Design:

  • Introduce additional features, such as directly supporting importing of large amounts of text by adding an additional screen that would allow browsing the imported text file and defining the font name, size and other settings for the text elements to be added, and for pasting large amounts of text.
  • A new simplified text element that would perform more efficiently and would allow for quickly calculating the number of required new pages and text per page for importing huge amounts of text, and could not be moved outside of the margin area.
  • In-place editing (ex: editing directly in the canvas and not through the properties pane on the right), or still use the same interface model but allow expanding the text editing area in some way so the editing feels more convenient.

My team and I are committed to bring as much excellence to the table as possible so you, as a writer, publisher, or designer, can create books that will fly off the shelves, easily and affordably. Please remember to check for updates at bookcreative.com/update (or Help > Update in the program).

And keep the feedback coming! info@bookcreative.com

Blessings to you all for a wonderful Holiday & Happy New Year!

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