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Cover Design Tips

Top 10 Book Cover Design Tips

That old piece of advice, “don’t judge a book by its cover,” has never really been followed; in fact, 93% of purchasing decisions are based on the logo, product, packaging, and other visual perceptions. Books are the same way. How hardcovers and paperbacks look and feel have high importance when marketing written content. The front cover or…
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What Makes a Good Cover Design

What Makes a Good Cover Design: Judging A Book By Its Cover

The famous idiom is “Never judge a book by its cover,” however, regardless of how realistic it might be in an impractical sense, the reality of the vast book industry is that most readers indeed use the cover to decide on whether they should purchase the book or not. With several books for readers to…
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Font Pairings

Like pairing certain wines with food, combining the right fonts will bring out the best message impact — and can also work well with your book covers. Check out this helpful infographic by conversionminded.com: BookCreative will work with any font in your computer. It is simple to add new fonts to your computer by following…
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Magnetic Book Cover Design

If any of these covers were men to me, they would be Sam Elliott. Or Kit Harrington. Leonardo Di Capprio. Charlie Hunnam. Gerard Butler. Okay, all of the above… So besides clearly having an inscrutable, eclectic taste in men, what am I saying? That these covers have ROCKED MY WORLD. I fell head over heels in…
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book cover

Ten Secrets On Creating A Book Cover That Attracts The Masses

The cover is the face of your book: Coveted tips from a professional book cover designer on how to make that first (and successful) impression Don’t clutter your cover Keep it simple and focused. You have to grab the book browsers attention NOW. In a world full of graphic pollution, less is more. If your front…
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How NOT to illustrate your book cover

I saw it today… And my first reaction was winced distress; like unwinding to an soothing rendition of Beethoven’s Für Elise when suddenly the needle rips through the record…. It was a beautiful full color illustration—soulfully rendered with energy and detail—but violated with a plain, black title, centered and stamped and sent on to its…
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