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Whew!! What A Week To Be a Geek! 💪🤓

Hey everyone! I’d like to offer a warm, heartfelt thanks to all who ordered BookCreative before launch. This first week has rocked! The compliments and words of encouragement I’ve received mean so much as we continue to improve upon its features. Now we all know that with every program’s First Release In The History of…
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50 FREE Templates For Fall 🍂 🍁

It’s no secret to my friends and family that fall is my absolute favorite time of year…. The crisp, cool air, the beautiful colors everywhere… It puts so much joy in my soul! I’m so ready for warm sweaters, bonfires, and no more mosquitoes… To help spread my season-induced joy, I’m giving away 50 of…
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freelance cover artists

Freelance Artists: Stop. Selling. Yourself. Short.

Once upon a time, BI (Before Internet), freelance cover artists were respected and admired members of society: We worked very hard, invested in high-end software and hardware, and cultivated the scopes of our talent every day with new technologies and trends. Our field was very specialized and prestigious; our clients knew with confidence that when…
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Introducing BookCreative™ Book Design Software.

Introducing BookCreative—The first all-inclusive, comprehensive book design software for print books and ebooks. Our goal is to provide writers and book professionals with an affordable, easy to use, powerful option for creating beautifully rendered books–leveraging a platform for more writers to achieve publishing success—From the founders of BookCoverPro™ + PrintMarketingPro™ software

cover design program

Create Books That Sell With This Cover Design Program

It was back in 1998 when I officially started designing book covers in a booming market. I was freelancing for a medium-sized book publisher who needed designs pumped out, almost factory-style. At the time, I was a Zombie Mom—“Mombie”—awake 24 hours a day with a rambunctious toddler and nocturnal newborn—so the idea of flexible hours…
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Featured Title: A Man Called Scar

Introducing www.Jimcoxbooks.com, an Author Page Featuring Western Books, Frontier Novels, Adventure Stories and Young Adult Fiction. “All that from one Author?” Yes, it’s true, Jim Cox has accomplished all of the above in just a few short years with five titles to date and a New Release in progress. It all started with Jim’s first book, A…
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Applying text styles in BookCoverPro

*Please note: BookCoverPro is no longer being supported. If you would like to upgrade to BookCreative, use the contact us page or email us at info@bookcreative.com for a discount! BookCoverPro has made it easy to apply different styles within the same text box, simply by applying these tags of code to selected text:code to selected text: To…
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How to copy (duplicate) elements in BookCoverPro

*Please note: BookCoverPro is no longer being supported. If you would like to upgrade to BookCreative, use the contact us page or email us at info@bookcreative.com for a discount! Want to duplicate a certain image or text block? Copying elements in BookCoverPro is easy: On the layout, simply select the element—text, bar, oval, or image—you…
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book cover

Ten Secrets On Creating A Book Cover That Attracts The Masses

The cover is the face of your book: Coveted tips from a professional book cover designer on how to make that first (and successful) impression Don’t clutter your cover Keep it simple and focused. You have to grab the book browsers attention NOW. In a world full of graphic pollution, less is more. If your front…
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How NOT to illustrate your book cover

I saw it today… And my first reaction was winced distress; like unwinding to an soothing rendition of Beethoven’s Für Elise when suddenly the needle rips through the record…. It was a beautiful full color illustration—soulfully rendered with energy and detail—but violated with a plain, black title, centered and stamped and sent on to its…
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