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Cloud vs. Desktop software: Which is better for designing books?

In these ever-trending, ever-changing times of technology comes a new set of challenges and opportunities for self-publishers. Depending on budget, need, and personal preference, there are many design options; from the traditional route of hiring a professional book artist to design your book ($$$$) to doing the design work yourself ($), the overall goal is…
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Font Pairings

Like pairing certain wines with food, combining the right fonts will bring out the best message impact — and can also work well with your book covers. Check out this helpful infographic by

Here are the TOP TEN reasons why thousands of indie publishers have chosen us since 2006:

#10: Super easy to work with, super easy to generate final files #9: Compatible with both Mac & PC platforms #8: Fast, friendly, no-judgment customer support… Made up of professional book designers who understand and really help #7: Design your own book covers #6: Format your own interior pages #5: Build your own promotional materials…
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Price To Entice: Taking Your Book Service To a Higher Level

Are you a book designer looking for more clients and sales? Here’s a handy guide that reveals a simple, yet highly effective way to get the exposure – and trust – you need to snag those ideal clients. Having a service-based business doesn’t have to be complicated. Search for book designers on the web, and…
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Book Cover Masterclass Mambo #5

Paying homage to Lou Vega – Because he likes Angela first ❥  If you’re a designer or aspiring designer who wants to learn more about designing covers for profit, you need this class! The bonuses themselves are more than worth it.  You see, right now book design is a $29 billion industry, and growing. With the boom…
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Whip that coverphobia into submission

So your book has finally reached the end of that long tunnel. This year has been challenging, but you’ve poured your heart and soul into this project. Challenge accepted – and WON. It’s finally time to publish your baby! But now you’re stressing again… What about design? As a smart, savvy author you know the…
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Pump Your Cover Design Jam

Today I’d like to share a blog article with you written by Joshua Jadon, professional cover designer and all around cool guy. He never disappoints with his fresh, trendy advice on how to design beautiful, magnetic covers. And I like to use the term “magnetic” because that is the sole purpose of cover design—to attract…
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Balancing Your Life Vials

Ever since I was about three years old and discovered happiness was a 64 count box of Crayolas, it’s been easier for me to understand and absorb life concepts if I can draw them, or at least visualize them in tangible forms. Let’s just say if I had to draw my life out with crayons,…
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Bodacious, Badass Book Covers

If any of these covers were men to me, they would be Sam Elliott. Or Kit Harrington. Leonardo Di Capprio. Charlie Hunnam. Gerard Butler. Okay, all of the above… So besides clearly having an inscrutable, eclectic taste in men, what am I saying? That these covers have ROCKED MY WORLD. I fell head over heels in…
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Introducing a-la-carte Kindle Templates

Good news: Our Kindle templates gallery is now open to anyone with a copy of BookCreative! Right now, select from dozens of our pre-made designs, set to correct Kindle specifications. Each element is on its own layer for easy editing. All photos and fonts are free for both commercial and personal use. View gallery