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It seems that wherever you look, there are a plethora of "free" design apps who want your business, but they all seem to come with conditions—such as limited capabilities, cookie-cutter templates, hidden costs, even an exclusivity agreement that locks you in.


Not here. We've designed our easy software to let your creative imagination, and your books, run wild and free. There are no contracts—publish your book wherever, however, and whenever you darn well please. BookCreative works with all printers and devices.

Start from a blank canvas or use one of our professional templates, import any image, style with embellishments, use any font in your system, any size, any color, any style e-book or print book. 

We're offering our Deluxe version for only $25 only to select audiences (Regular price $197), no catch! You are simply lucky enough to be in our Test Market. Enjoy your immediate download and access to our private page with templates, images, and much more.

Hi, just purchased your product a few days ago and first wanted to compliment you on a great piece of software...very intuitive and easy to use. Literally within one hour, I had created a cover for my book.”
— Meyr Randy

NOT web-based, but a free-standing desktop app - this means there is never a risk of losing your info because of a site outage or hacker sabotage.

  • User Guide
  • FREE updates
  • Access to our templates & design gallery
  • Access to our private user group for tips, videos, tutorials & more
  • Fast, friendly support
  • A PROVEN record of software excellence since 2006
  • ONE-TIME cost, UNLIMITED titles
  • Compatible with both PC (Windows 7 + newer) & Mac OS X (10.9 Mavericks and newer) platforms
  • Save in PDF, TIF, JPG, PNG, GIF, or BMP
  • YOU keep ALL rights to YOUR book's design
  • NO Design Experience Required


Cover Design:

    • Text + paragraph styles 
    • Custom color palette 
    • Apply shapes, borders, embellishments 
    • Import + manipulate images, photos, + graphics 
    • Generate ISBN barcode 
    • Compatible with any online or traditional book printer

    Page Formatting:

    Customize margin area
    Apply several elements -Chapter/section heads, sidebars, auto-page numbering, footers, etc.
    Add images + embellishments


    Promotional Media:

    • Create Brochures, Fliers, Mailers, E-books, Bookmarks, Magazine Covers, Bumper stickers, Posters, Business Cards, CD/DVD covers, Postcards, Envelopes 
    • Import + manipulate images, photos, + graphics 
    • Apply textual styling 
    • Apply borders, shapes, embellishments
    In the past I used Createspace for book covers and had a problem getting my book into the Smashwords premium catalog (the catalog that gets books into iBooks and Nook). With BookCreative it was smooth sailing and the book was on both sites within a few days. Thank you!”
    — Caroline Grimm