Introducing BookCreative™ Book Design Software.

The first all-in-one, comprehensive book design software for print books and ebooks. Create covers, format pages, and design promotional materials.

Our goal is to provide writers and book professionals with an affordable, easy to use, powerful option for creating beautifully rendered books—leveraging a platform for more writers to achieve publishing success—From the founders of BookCoverPro™ + PrintMarketingPro™ software.

BookCreative will be replacing BookCoverPro + PrintMarketingPro with a more robust, comprehensive interface. Use each element individually, or together to create a masterful, professional book:

Here are the basics of BookCreative:

  • Windows + Macintosh platforms

  • One-time purchase, or subscribe as-needed

  • Templates gallery

  • Uses your own fonts

  • Zoom view + grid view

  • YOU keep ALL rights to your design, forever.

Cover Design Features:

  • Customize size, trim area, bleed, flap option

  • Create paperbacks, hardcovers, spiral bound, any style book

  • Compatible with your BookCoverPro files

  • Create from scratch, or choose a pre-designed template

  • Centimeters, inches, or points

  • Work in either 300 or 600 dpi resolution

  • RGB or CMYK color mode

  • Text + paragraph styling

  • Custom color palette

  • Apply shapes, borders + embellishments

  • Preview your work while you create

  • Free background patterns + images

  • Generate your own ISBN barcode

  • Import + manipulate your own images, photos, + graphics

  • Compatible with online book printers and platforms like Kindle

  • Save your finished cover in PDF, TIF, JPG, GIF or PNG

  • Choose to generate cover in 2D or 3D with different view options

  • Compatible with any online or traditional book printer

Page Formatting Features:

  • Customize size + margin area

  • Create from scratch, or choose a pre-designed template

  • Apply several elements—like chapter/section heads, sidebars, footnote area, charts, indexing + more

  • Text + paragraph styling

  • Auto-correct option

  • Image import + manipulation

  • Embellishments + borders

Promotional Design Features:

  • Create Brochures, Fliers, Mailers, E-books, Bookmarks, Bumper stickers, Posters, Business Cards, CD/DVD covers, Postcards, Envelopes

  • Create from scratch, or choose a pre-designed template

  • Work in either 300 or 600 dpi resolution

  • Text + paragraph styling

  • Preview your work while you create

  • Import your images, photos, + graphics

  • Save your finished piece in PDF, TIF, JPG, GIF or PNG

With BookCreative, we are dedicated to providing you with:

  • Better, faster customer service

  • Free design consultation

  • Free program updates

  • A huge, growing gallery of pre-designed templates—
    Cover, page, and promotional

Launch time ETA: November 2016.