Pump Your Cover Design Jam

Today I'd like to share a blog article with you written by Joshua Jadon, professional cover designer and all around cool guy. He never disappoints with his fresh, trendy advice on how to design beautiful, magnetic covers. And I like to use the term "magnetic" because that is the sole purpose of cover design—to attract the viewer and entice them to buy. Joshua offers up some great tips in his blog.

Enjoy! Angie ツ


Balancing Your Life Vials

Ever since I was about three years old and discovered happiness was a 64 count box of Crayolas, it's been easier for me to understand and absorb life concepts if I can draw them, or at least visualize them in tangible forms.

Let's just say if I had to draw my life out with crayons, it would look like Picasso chugged too many Cozmos... It's a bit distorted, twisted, but undeniably fascinating, at least to the average suburbanite....

Yeah. I'll save that story for a night when I'm alone with some Pinot.

Anyways, in order to help maintain a daily essence of well-being, I have taken to measure life in the form of three basic personal vials:

Health, Love, Wealth.

I feel that these are the three pillars of life balance. Although there are many more facets to life, they reside outside our personal vials. For example, my grown kids' health and happiness are very important to me, but that is an outside facet. However, if I am balanced within my own vials, I am able to be more nurturing and supportive for them.

Visualizing the amount in each of these "vials" side by side helps me assess any imbalance in my life and what I need to focus on at that moment. Interestingly enough, my vials are rarely equal in quantity. Right now, for example, if I were to measure the amount of each vial in percentages, they would look like this:

Health: 80% Love: 100% Wealth: 40%

All I do is take a mental "screenshot" of how I perceive these areas to be relevant to my lifestyle. And the relevancy is key—because it's different for everyone, depending on how one measures their own success, love, and health. Of course the objective is the same, to be at 100% for each.

When I visualize, I take into account any projected forecast of bad or good to come, which determines my next course of action. My health issues (pulled muscles) are very minor and I know they will resolve over the next few weeks with some therapy. For wealth, I've set some very steep goals over the next year, so I'm pushing myself super hard... And love, oh. I am truly, finally blessed. For the first time, this is abundantly full. I have found that having one vial at 100% mentally helps me improve on the other two, because it gives me that extra boost of purpose and confidence.

So take a moment, and visualize your vials: How are they balancing out for you? 

Angie ღ ღ ღ

Bodacious, Badass Book Covers

If any of these covers were men to me, they would be Sam Elliott. Or Kit Harrington. Leonardo Di Capprio. Charlie Hunnam. Gerard Butler.

Okay, all of the above... So besides clearly having an inscrutable, eclectic taste in men, what am I saying?

That these covers have ROCKED MY WORLD. I fell head over heels in lust with them. And really, I don't say that much. As a cover design specialist for 18 years, I'm super-highly judgmental about design. I don't just love any new bright and shiny thing that crosses my path. Except shoes.

But the real reason why I'm so gaga for these designs is because they are different. And being different works for them. They are daring, bold, and they break all those staunch, traditional rules about how "design should be." Pish.

Book cover design should be eye-catching; burned down into the core of a viewer's skull...a drug that entices...that has that magnetic, psychic ability.

Gone are the days of inside-the-box conventionality. With the self-publishing boom came a new era of self-confidence; a courageous, fearless, adventurous commonwealth of publishing pioneers who continue to break new ground and set their own rules. 

Another reason I love these designs is because they are so eloquently executed. They epitomize a cover's purpose: To Draw Attention. Although deliberately callow, these compositions emanate a subliminal, alluring sophistication that appeals to the masses. They also meet the fundamental criteria for actually getting noticed: Bold colors, large fonts, and simple, albeit cleverly twisted layouts. 

I see this 'disheveled' look gaining more popularity in the months to come—especially in the fiction arena, as more and more authors lay claim to their own unique, memorable branding. It will certainly be exciting to see what new design trends emerge from these bodacious, audacious authors and artists.

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