We Need Kickass Cover Designers

How would you like to earn some nice passive income as our design partner?

Here’s the deal:

Due to customer requests, we have decided to open the doors to our cover templates gallery.

You see, most of our author (and many designer) customers like to use our templates to jump-start their cover creations, but until now, we have only sold our cover templates as a package with the Deluxe version.

We’ve heard from a lot of people who tell us they love the program and would like to use templates, but don’t want to pay for the entire deluxe package.

So, we have decided to make our gallery available for a-la-carte purchases.

And… since we know a lot of you rock at designing gorgeous covers, we thought, why not offer this opportunity to anyone who would like to earn some sweet recurring cash…

That said, here’s our proposal to you, Rockstar Cover Designer:

Help us grow our gallery with your stunning e-book covers. You can send us as many as you like - unlimited submissions.

In turn, your cover(s) are featured in our Kindle Templates Gallery and embedded with your information, so that whenever someone purchases your cover, you receive 100% of the profit.

We take nothing. 

Right now, we just want to focus on populating our gallery with lots of great designs for our customers!

All of our templates are resold, because no two people have ever had two exact designs using our program. The templates only serve as a professional creative direction. So that means not only can you design an unlimited number of templates, but your income from each template is unlimited. 

Sooo... What’s the catch?

Just have a copy of BookCreative. That’s it.

Judging from the response we’ve received from customers so far, we expect this to explode in popularity, and fast.

Later, we will be charging a monthly membership fee, and possibly take a small percentage of each sale.

However, we will waive all these fees to anyone who signs up before the end of this month (March 31st). And you will be grandfathered in—forever.

Plus -- Your covers will always be at the forefront of our gallery.
First come, first served!

Hurry - this offer ends March 31st…

Already have a copy of BookCreative? Contact us!