Why use book cover software?

It was back in 1998 when I officially started designing book covers in a booming market. I was freelancing for a medium-sized book publisher who needed designs pumped out, almost factory-style. At the time, I was a Zombie Mom"Mombie"—awake 24 hours a day with a rambunctious toddler and nocturnal newborn—so the idea of flexible hours was appealing during my Walk With The Dead. My 3 a.m. quality time with Miss Night Owl often took place in a dark basement, whilst staring at my computer. If I do say so, I became quite nimble at one-handed typing.

About a year later, with about 200+ cover designs under my belt, I decided to launch my own niche design business online, and several previous clients followed me. For several years, I was able to provide nice work at a reasonable cost, but with this new era of the do-it-yourself self-publishing boom came many new writers who didn't want to pay for a cover. As a result, tons of books were (and still are) being published with a sub-standard design. And, since people judge books by their covers, they aren't getting noticed or bought. After putting so much of their time into writing, only to see little or no sales, these writers are frustrated with the whole ordeal. Most will, after the fact, finally understand the importance of having an attractive cover; however, there are many who simply refuse to make that investment, or are financially unable.

After hearing this story over and over, I asked myself: "How can I help these writers create a nice book cover for little cost?"

So In 2006, I wire framed an idea for a software program and presented it to a developer for assessment. My idea was for the writer/publisher to have all the tools available to create his or her own professional-quality book covers, without the need for artistic skill. With this concept, we spent about a year in beta-testing to launch a comprehensive, free-standing cover design program - called BookCoverPro - that starts with a blank canvas to which one can customize specs like size, spine, trim, resolution, and mode. Once the specs have been set, a toolbar appears alongside the canvas where they can customize text, images, embellishments, color, generate an industry-standard ISBN barcode, and create an e-book file. In addition, there is a deluxe version with a library of pre-designed templates to help those who need a "jump start" to their design. All for under $200 (standard is under $100) for a ONE-TIME cost, all rights reserved, with unlimited titles. 

For 10 years now, we've had much success with BookCoverPro and have helped thousands of customers create books that sell, whether first-time writers, seasoned authors, or busy publishing houses. Now I would love the opportunity to take it a step further and make it web-based and build an extensive gallery of templates, categorized by genre. 

Help us achieve our dream by partnering with us! The self-publishing market continues to thrive as a multi-billion dollar industry, and the do-it-yourself, keep-more-profits aspect is more appealing than ever. We would like to offer a "piece of the pie" to a few investors who, ideally, know the industry and could be a part of our vision.

Serious investors - For more information, please contact us - we would love to talk with you. Or, if you just want to help spread the word, be our site partner and earn 50% of sales -free to join! Click here for details.

To successful (and gorgeous) books!