Featured Title: A Man Called Scar

Introducing www.Jimcoxbooks.com, an Author Page Featuring Western Books, Frontier Novels, Adventure Stories and Young Adult Fiction. “All that from one Author?" Yes, it’s true, Jim Cox has accomplished all of the above in just a few short years with five titles to date and a New Release in progress.

It all started with Jim’s first book, A Man Called ScarReaders of all ages love the Frontier / Western Book featuring the legendary character BartCarter, AKA as “Scar.” After reading A Man Called Scar, everybody wanted to know, “Where’s the sequel?” Well, fortunately there is a sequel – Scar and the Double D RanchA Man Called Scar catches the reader’s interest right out of the gate. You get to follow Bart Carter from the very beginning of his trek west that results in shaping him into the legendary lawman called “Scar.” You’ll also learn the origins of his facial injuries that resulted in that nickname. “Scar” is revered as a strapping and fierce adversary with the battle wound that lends character and even generates a little fear. However, you’ll find out that Scar is also a caring man with a great personality and high moral standards. 

A Man Called Scar quickly gained popularity on the Kobo / Jetbooks platform, supplying eBooks to Airline Passengers. It was the #1 eBook over-all for Kobo / Jetbooks in 2015 and has kept the momentum going with multiple 5 Star ratings at both the Amazon and Kobo online bookstores. On February 17th, A Man Called Scar hit #1 Nationally on the Kobo platform for Westerns and continues to do well into March. Once you meet “Scar,” in the first book, you will feel like you know him and can depend on him to wright wrongs and stand up against injustices. The other memorable characters that appear throughout the “Scar” series will prove to be endearing to you as well.

We never expected to hear this, but one reader commented that he liked the Jim Cox books better than the King of Westerns; Louis L’Amour. That’s a pretty lofty praise for a fairly new author in the Western Genre but Jim Cox remains humble and of course… Keeps writing.

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