Applying text styles in BookCoverPro

BookCoverPro has made it easy to apply different styles within the same text box, simply by applying these tags of code to selected text:

  • To bold text: [b]text in bold[/b]
  • To italicize text: [i]text copy[/i]
  • To indent a line: [indent 20]text copy
    (use any number variable; no closing tag required)
  • To change text size: [typesize 20]text copy[/typesize]
  • Applying two tags to one text: [b][i]text copy[/i][/b]
  • Overlapping two tags: [b]text copy[i]bold and italic[/b]text copy[/i]

A quick tip: Use your editing software of choice (Word, etc.) to style your text the way you like, with italics, bolding, sizing, and so forth—then simply copy and paste right into the BCP text editing box. BookCoverPro maintains the styles with its tagging system.

Have fun!